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In Paestum, Italy there are three wonderfully preserved Greek temples, dating from about 500 BC.


Italy's best preserved Doric Temples in the Magna Grecia

Paestum buffalo's

Paestum buffalo's



Paestum is located near sandy beaches in a region known for its delicious buffalo Mozzarella

Salerno story

The World War Two soldiers involved in the famous mutiny at Salerno were treated harshly by the authorities. Find out what happened, before deciding whether their fate would be the same in the more understanding climate of today.
In September 1943, 191 soldiers of Montgomery's 8th Army downed guns and refused to take part in the battle for Salerno in southern Italy. It was the biggest wartime mutiny in British American military history

salerno harbour

By night

Arechi Castle

Castle ruins date back to the Goth and Byzantine periods.

Salerno by night

Shopping and walking in Salerno

Salerno is not exactly renowned for shopping due to nearby Naples. However, the local crafts specialise in fine leather goods. You can find decent shops across the city.


Salerno Cathedral (duomo)

is the main church of the city of Salerno in southern Italy. It is considered the main tourist attraction of the city.

San Matteo

San Matteo patron saint of the city of Salerno